Speaking Topics


Spiritual Gifts Talk
Perfect for a Ladies Retreat!
In this 4-session talk, we will discover our giftedness, learn how to apply it, and discern our effectiveness. There is truly nothing more beautiful and exciting than the body of Christ learning how to serve out of their giftedness. I’ve found many just don’t know how and where to use their gifts. I would love to share this life-changing talk with your group. The content could be tailored to meet your conference needs.

Session One – Gifted & Talented, Romans 12:4-8 Explanation of Spiritual Gifts, Natural Talents, and Fruit of the Spirit

Session Two – Gifted by Grace, Diversity in the Body – 1 Corinthians 12:4-12 Detail of each Spiritual Gift and Barriers to Using your Gifts

Session Three – Gifted by Grace, One Body Many Parts – 1 Corinthians 12:12-26 Jealousy & Envy, Two Gifts for every Christ Follower, Where to Serve

Session Four – Gifted to Serve, Unity in the Body – 1 Peter 4:10, Ephesians 4:1-6, 16 Self Awareness, Understanding Unity, and Three Basic Truths

kimThink Three
Talk on the Trinity explores the three’s in the bible and in our lives. Have you ever considered the three’s all around you? Most of us have three names (first, middle, and end), stories have three parts, takes three words to express an idea, and three inalienable rights are celebrated each July 4th when we appreciate life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

The Rule of Three is everywhere but no where more important than in the person of God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Allow me to share how God is three divine persons in one divine essence.

cosmetics (2)

NEW BOOK AVAILABLE NOW…Spiritual Makeup Bag, Discovering Beauty from the Inside Out 
This talk explores tools right in your makeup bag to remind yourself of the things of God and to inspire you to acknowledge him? These tools are available to you, and on the busiest day, you can still focus on God. Women of every age from teenagers to retirees lead busy lives. Most of us don’t have the time we would like to spend in our Bibles and often deal with feelings of guilt. Many of the women I know get up every day with the goal of getting themselves and their families ready to get out the door. They take a quick shower, fix their hair, apply makeup, and take care of family needs so that all are ready to leave on time. It usually doesn’t go perfectly on any given day.

Invite Kim to share her talk about a Spiritual Makeup Bag where she explores two women in the bible who used this ordinary task for two vastly different purposes. One motivated to honor God and the other motivated to promote herself. This talk reflects on why we wear makeup and seeks a better understanding of how makeup can be used to enhance our beauty from the inside out.


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